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At Rams, we are specialists in the storm damage roof replacement process. The new roof is the perfect opportunity to add solar if it makes sense for our clients.

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Rams Roofing & Solar strives

To deliver the Nordstroms level of service in the roofing industry for the same price as every other contractor. We made this change from a “normal” and good roofing company into an exclusive boutique, knock your socks off experience roofing company.

Please check out our reviews on google…we were pretty good when we operated just like everyone else…storm happened and go, go, go. We are now a boutique roofing company and we only take on roofing clients that we partner with to make sure their home is in the exact condition it was (or better) before the damaging storm happened. We do all of this and so much more for exactly the same price. Insurance sets the price in these situations, we just run our business differently so we are able to take care of our clients the way we would want to be taken care of.

We can make these claims and back them up because we only do Storm related Insurance claims and limit our projects to 100 per year…no more. Why would anybody do this? We do it for a few reasons:

I have found through my years in business that doing it better takes a little more effort, yes, but it saves countless hours and headaches for both the clients and our company. I have maximized profits in the past only to give myself a heat attack in 2022…now I maximize happy customers and I sleep better with less headaches (and a happy heart). I wish I had done it this way from the beginning. The great news is wisdom comes with experience and now I get to build the BEST roofing experience company Colorado and eventually the country has ever known.

Chris Seymour

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